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Gallery: abstract sculptures

Squaring the Circle

As I mentioned in making the models leading up to this piece,there is a perceived dynamic energy resonance between the cube and the sphere when CONGRUITY OF VOLUMES is reached.I do not know why,as yet,nor what this energy is,but it is palpable...
Finally done,here's the close up showing the difference between the stainless sphere and the bronze cube.
I knew it had to be a pristine fabrication for the full effect to be achieved so;
The square bronze plates were plasma-cut . I then beveled all four edges of each plate at 45 degree in order to insure a tight fit. The stainless discs that compose the sphere were pushed (cold-formed) with a 100 ton press into hemi-spherical dies to achieve the proper radius and I made sure they all matched even with their diameter measurement AFTER forming.
Most all the welds are only on the inside ,and I have made the FEWEST POSSIBLE to hold the form together.
At this point I'm relatively pleased with the piece.
Now to begin the arduous task of selling the thing...

This piece is available for purchase.
Please note me for pricing.

Squaring the Circle