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Gallery: figurative sculpture


This is a work in progress,welded steel,slightly larger than life size. I have managed this fabrication from taking paper patterns off my own body. It is much like the dress makers art really, only I have substituted welding for sewing and flame cutting for scissors...
Like Michelangelo's "David"I have taken some liberties with scale and proportion to compensate for the fact that this figure ,when complete, will be seen from below,as it will be mounted on a cross (of some sort).
Just a note on the work; I view this as a figure study,basically an excuse to model a large figure in a dynamic composition. I am not particularly Christian. My spiritual beliefs harken to a somewhat earlier time.
Like many artists before me,I see in this composition ,many possibilities for dynamic expression and a tremendous challenge to give oneself. I come to this only after many years of studying anatomy and making many figures augmented by the process of utilizing body molds,a process which I hope to outline in an instructional DVD sometime this year. This figure is freehand,that is to say, NOT utilizing the aforementioned mold making technique,but rather the more direct method of paper patterns taken off a living model.
1/8th inch flame-cut, forged,and welded steel plate.