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Gallery: tableware

"Counter Intuitive" Flatware

If you've been following the evolution of this design,you'll notice in the last set the knife was not exactly a perfect aesthetic fit with the group. I have here improved a bit on that "anomaly" and upgraded the design somewhat. This new knife is still not a perfect fit visually with the others ,but it's better. The new title for the set,"Counter Intuitive" was offered by my friend Peter and is not only a play on the fact that these tools are used at a counter,to eat,but also that the design (especially the knife) does not readily look like it will be functional...However when placed in the hand ,everything is as it should be and it feels quite comfortable. Again the notch on the top of the blade is for the extended fore finger to gain extra leverage when cutting meat.

This is a prototype set. Some day with the right motivation and incentive I may put it in production...

"Counter Intuitive" Flatware