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Gallery: vases, bowls and vessels

Heavy Salad Bowl

I have been making handmade sinks and bowls for many years.I've never been satisfied with manufactured stainless tableware because to me it seems always the pieces are too thin,easily bent,and lack the heft I admire in an heirloom handmade item.Thus I generally work with 10ga.stainless steel and use an 85ton hydraulic press with many male and female dies of different sizes to "seduce" the form from the material.Over the years I've learned to a degree how to control the crenelations or distortions.This bowl is nearly completely round but I've left a couple of wobbles for interest and to remind the viewer that the piece is handmade and one of a kind.
The foot is formed 10ga.stainless steel as well and the welds are hidden beneath the bowl.
Nominal width of bowl-15"
Nominal depth of bowl-4"

Heavy Salad Bowl