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Gallery: miscellaneous metal works

Octopus Tentacle Bathroom Towel Hooks

These tentacles are in forged stainless steel.

They are drilled and countersunk to accommodate a hanger bolt and designed to be each screwed into a stud.

They are labor intensive and require a great deal of handwork starting with forge tapering a 1"x 1" solid piece of stainless steel square bar.After forge tapering (with the trip hammer) they are then reheated and formed into realistic postures.After this I weld the sucker shapes on by turning my MIG (wirefeed) welder way down to present a "cold" high bead and VERY CAREFULLY weld each sucker in place.Finally grinding and polishing accomplish the look...

Because of all the hand work each one is totally unique.

They are $125 each. (plus shipping)

Octopus Tentacle Bathroom Towel Hooks